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Test Knitting with Pacific Knit Co.

Get early access to great patterns & a test knit process that feels more like a Knit-a-Long with the Designer!

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“I loved practicing new techniques! I enjoyed the test knit community and learning from everyone's suggestions e.g., different bobble tips! It felt like a knit-a-long!”

   How I run my test knits   

Upcoming Test Knits

Check out the information below or follow me on Instagram to see what I'm working on next!

Test Knit Call

Typically, my test knit calls will sent out via email and posted on Instagram. I'll preview several in-progress photos of my latest projects, so you'll have plenty of time to decide if it's right for you. The test knit call will link you to my application form below.

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Test Knit Application

My test knit applications are always specific to the pattern, so you'll need to fill on out each time.


I use Google Forms to collect relevant information required to choose my knitters, as well as inform you of all the requirements of the test knit.

How I choose my Test Knitters

Due to popularity of my patterns, I typically cannot select all applicants to who apply, simply due to demand. Often, if you are not selected, it is not personal and I encourage you to keep applying. If there is a test knit that you are specifically interested in, feel free to reach out via Instagram.


I also weight my tests to include roughly 25% repeat testers and 75% new testers, which provides a good mix of experience in reading my style of pattern writing. I actually love to have "first time testers" because I feel I offer a really fun experience!

See my blog post on 5 Tips to become a better  Test Knitter!

Test Knit Forum

I run my test knits on Instagram, using the group chat feature, as I find that it allows for easy communication and engagement with my groups. I want to build communities and encourage test knitters to make friends during this process.

Test Knit Feedback

Feedback is collected through the group chat, or as direct comments on the pattern PDF via DropBox. I use an online commenting feature in order to provide a single source to collect all feedback, as well as make any necessary updates required during the test knit.

At the end of the test knit, I will also send out a Google Form to collect final feedback including yardage, gauge, needle size, finished dimensions, etc.

Test Knit Timeline

For cowls, I provide 3-4 weeks, which often allows for time to ship any yarn purchases required. For hats, I provide 2-3 weeks.

Test Knit Requirements

As part of the test knitter agreement, I require:

  • Post project to Ravelry (if accessible to you)

  • Post progress and final photos to Instagram feed

  • Provide final feedback via Dropbox and Feedback form

Test Knit Rewards

As part of the designer agreement, you get:

  • Early access to a new pattern

  • Community engagement and networking

  • Final published copy (via Ravelry)

  • Coupon for 50% off any of my published patterns

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