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How to Doodle with Yarn

When I first started learning stranded colorwork knitting, I began describing it as doodling with yarn. To me, it felt like each row was sort of a slow-motion version of coloring in a pattern. Except instead of using markers or colored pencils - you’re using fiber.

One of my favorite things about colorwork is seeing the pattern emerge over time. And I find myself drawn to both knitting and designing patterns that encourage you to “knit just one more row.”

I created the “Doodle Pattern Series” to use mix-and-match charts that enable the knitter to choose:

  • The construction (infinity cowl, standard cowl, reversible cowl, or hat)

  • The motifs (holiday, autumn, valentines, etc.)

  • The order or arrangement of charts

  • The color palette (endless options)

Because it can be different every single time, you'll want to knit these patterns again and again!

How to Doodle with Yarn

Your unique “doodle” is created by combining micro charts with optional stripes of color or other borders between charts.

All of the charts from every doodle pattern and expansions work together, so get creative with how to use them. You don’t need to use all of the charts – pick your favorites! Additionally, the same chart can be used repeatedly, in different color combinations.

Depending on the desired outcome, consider the difference between changing MC (background color) with each chart compared to keeping one consistent MC throughout the colorwork section.

Most importantly, get creative and have fun!

Tips for Doodles

While these patterns are designed to be flexible to allow for creativity, I understand that some people may not know where to start - and that's okay!

Here are a few tips to learning how to work with Doodle charts:

  • You can plan out your whole Doodle or decide as you go - it's up to you!

  • If helpful, print and cut out charts to rearrange (or use the Doodle Card Deck)

  • Alternate high contrast and low contrast in the MC for consecutive charts for visual balance

  • Border larger charts with smaller charts before and after to help frame the focal points

  • Always hold the CC dominant for each chart

  • Use black and white mode on your camera to check for contrasts between colors for each motif

Doodle Patterns

The Doodle Patterns are the perfect way to dive into modular colorwork because they include all the details. That means they include all the information you need such as yarn, gauge, needles, and actual instructions, to knit your Doodle from start to finish.