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FREE Doodle Pattern Workbook

Ready to design your Doodle pattern, but not sure where to start?


I've created this FREE Doodle Pattern Workbook to walk you through, step-by-step, how to create your own Doodle!


Learn How to Doodle with Yarn in 4 Easy Steps

Not sure where to start with your new Doodle pattern?

My FREE Doodle Pattern Workbook is your guide to everything you need to know!

Doodle with Yarn in 4 Easy Steps:

  1. Choose your Motifs

  2. Choose your Pattern

  3. Choose your Yarns

  4. Start Knitting

Bonus Doodle Worksheets

Level up your Doodle Project Planning using these handy bonus worksheets!


Color Palette Worksheet

Organize your stash buster project and document your colors, brands, and yardage.


BONUS: Learn how to calculate yardage for leftovers with easy to use formulas!


Master Doodle Chart

Organize your motifs into a single master chart using this helpful guide, complete with a full color key!

PRO TIP: Use the color key from you palette worksheet!


12 Blank Doodle Charts

Design you own Doodle motifs using these pre-made blank 24-stitch charts! Available in 5 different height options!

Add them to your master Doodle chart to make something unique!

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