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When I first started knitting, I never wanted to make anything "exactly" like the pattern. Maybe I didn't have the right yarn or the fit wasn't quite right. Regardless, I found myself constantly modifying patterns to suite my personal preferences. I very much wanted to learn how to make things my way, with my yarns, and my ideas.

It started with little mods, like swapping out some ribbing or adjusting the height or a cowl. I researched basic knit forms. I learned how to do the math to make the alterations. But soon I started wondering if I could just design my own patterns.


Surely though - everything that can be designed has already been designed, right? Wrong!

Years later, I understand that many knitters struggle with customization too, so I design Pacific Knit Co. patterns to use modular colorwork, providing clear tutorials and built-in modifications, so you can create exactly what you want, every time!


I've even already done the math for you - and provide formulas for you to do it too!

All you have to do is 1) Choose your pattern, 2) Build your options (within a structure), and 3) follow the instructions to start knitting!

  • Don't waste time knitting something that doesn't fit

  • Don't hesitate to cast on because you can't get the yarn kit

  • Don't struggle to figure out the right modification formulas

Join me in challenging the traditional method of simply following the rules - Let's create something unique together!


To me, knitting is about creating a community of makers, that are helping each other out and sharing in the experience. It's never just about knitting, but rather, about building an inclusive community of people. knitters of all backgrounds and skill levels are welcome here and I strive to create a safe space for people to create together.

One way that I build community is through highly engaging test knits, that function more like a micro Make-a-Long. It's an amazing way to meet new knitting friends, especially in this virtual world. To learn more, check out Test Knits.

Something I love about being a pattern designer is seeing how other knitters interpret and alter my patterns to their personal style. Please feel free to alter my pattern to make it your own, or even hack it into something completely different (with credit, of course!)

Don’t forget to tag me (@pacificknitco) so I can see both your progress and finished knits! Even now, I still love seeing my patterns being worked through by other knitters and it gives me a thrill to see people enjoying the process of knitting one of my designs.


Because no single design can fit all people, my patterns also tend to be modular or include ready-made alteration instructions, so that you can adapt it to fit you!


That means you'll find sizes, brim options, mix-and-match charts, and more! As I continue to design knitting patterns, I want to ensure that every pattern provides the knitter with comfortable choices, allowing you to choose what to knit within a structure that makes modifications easy!

Improving the accessibility of knit patterns to a broader group of makers is an important part of sharing my work. This is why you'll find that my patterns include:

  • Alt text for all graphics and images

  • Standard and Inverted colorwork charts

  • Hyperlinks to tutorials, tips, and even related sections of the pattern

  • Reading order optimized for screen readers


Please reach out to me if there are ways that I can improve the accessibility of my patterns.

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