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Collaborating with Pacific Knit Co.

Looking to partner with a designer to create the perfect pattern for your yarn? 

   Work with me   

Looking for a pattern Collaboration? Let's Connect!

I'm always looking for future collaboration partners! Send me a message with some details and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Please note that my schedule is typically full with current design jobs and that any future collaborations will be roughly 6-8 months in the future.

Thanks for submitting!

“I've collaborated with Jamie several times and it was such a joy! She gave me the freedom to curate my own palettes and was easy to work and communicate with.

To date, those collaborations are some of my best selling yarn kits!"

   How to collaborate with me   

Collaborating with indie dyers is one of my favorite parts of knitwear design, co-creating something truly unique! Please reach out to me if you’re interested in working together.

Why I design (To ensure I'm the right partner for you!)

Pacific Knit Co. creates patterns designed for process knitters. My designs reconnect you with the creative process of knitting by using modular colorwork charts and easy to follow customization options that help you build exactly the pattern you want! 

Types of Knit Accessories

At this time, my design experience and expertise lends itself to knit accessories. I love to design standard cowls, infinity cowls, reversible cowls… basically all the cowls! I also like to create coordinating hat patterns if the motifs work out.


If you have another construction or style in mind, please let me know and we can try something new!

Types of Motifs

Living in the Pacific Northwest, my style is very much influenced by the patterns found in nature. I tend to lean towards easy to memorize geometric motifs that create an illustrative image as you knit. This keeps the knitter engaged and curious, with micro charts and mini wins, always wanting to knit “just one more row.”

Pacific Northwest Themes

  • Mountains

  • Trees or plants

  • Rocky beaches

  • Wild Animals


Design Timeline

My typical design schedule looks like:

  • 1 week to design

  • 3-4 weeks to knit

  • 1 week to write

  • 3-4 weeks to test knit


This means most designs required approx. 8-10 weeks lead time to release date. Please consider shipping time to receive any dyed to order yarn.

Yarn Base/Weight

As a colorwork designer, I typically look for solids, semi-solids, or lightly varigated colors (paired with a solid). This ensures the colorwork motifs stand out.

While I tend to work mostly with Superwash Merino, DK weight yarn, I'm open to other bases or weights, if they suite the design!

Yarn Support

While I appreciate yarn support, I do not require it for collaboration, as I understand that many indie dyers are small scale and cannot do this. 


Limited collections

I love to work directly with the Dyer to create something meaningful that aligns to a theme or style of an upcoming hand-dyed yarn collection. In this way, the dyer and I get to come up with motifs and colors that create a perfect pairing.


If dying something new (i.e. unreleased), please consider the Design Timeline above to ensure I have yarn in hand to begin the process.


Sample Knitting

I will always knit at least one sample of my new design, prior to test knitting. If interested, I also offer early access to my pattern to my indie dyer partner, so that they can knit a sample themselves, in another colorway or kit option. 


Valuable Partnership

Personally, I view collaborations as a partnership. We work together on the design/yarn, and also work together to market and cross-promote our work.


Our Instagram posts include collaborator tags and our email marketing links to both patterns and yarn kits. Together, we create a extended reach to our shared audiences.

Still interested? 

Contact me here!

Check out patterns and dyers I've worked with!
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